January 26th, 2017

Burj’s LED Tribute to India

Indian flag burj khalifa

National flag is not just a material. It is an emotion. It is one of the most prestigious bonds that unite the people of a nation and there is hardly another proud moment than witnessing the Flag of your Motherland held high. And on the eve of its 68th Republic Day, Indians couldn’t have wished for a better patriotic gift. The tri color flag just shined at the highest altitude possible on Earth. On the Burj Khalifa!

For the first time in history, the 830 metre structure, the tallest in the world was lit up with Indian Tri Color, thrice during the evening of January 25. What more would you like to have when Saffron, White and Green Colors glow across the tallest building in the world? Perhaps some patriotic songs maybe? And that is exactly what happened. The illumination was accompanied by patriotic songs from the adjacent musical fountain and needless to say it was a goosebump moment for anyone who turned around for the event. Not just Indians! The official twitter account of Burj Khalifa tweeted that they will be honouring the Indian National Flag with a special LED illumination of the tri color. The illumination will be repeated at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 pm on January 26th, the Republic Day. Burj also hosted a mega LED show earlier in 2016. It’s LED nodes are designed by ‘SHOWLED’. The LED display has almost 51000 ShowLED Hybrid Pixels and they were fixed without any damage using 75000 custom designed brackets. The Hybrid LED node and the unique software helps to control and map the pixel configuration. To light up the largest LED Screen in the world, the engineers had to use 110 kilometres of rope access, 72 kilometres of cabling and 10000 connectors to cover total area of 33000 square metres and they also had to face heavy winds, rains and sandstorms. The structure is also equipped with an intelligent LED system so that if any lights have a fault, it sends its location to the control room. 

The illumination of tri color is a symbolic representation of the close relationship between India and the United Arab Emirates, which is home to more than 2.2 million Indians. Every year, the Indian Republic Day Parade will have a Foreign dignity as the guest of honour and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan is this year’s eminent invitee. During the Sheikh’s visit, both countries are supposed to sign about 16 pacts and to reach to an agreement about cooperation in fields such as Security, Defence, Counter Terrorism and Intelligence Sharing. The Republic Day celebrations in Dubai do not end with the LED show. The Flag will be hoisted In the premises of Indian consulate by Consul General Anurag Bhushan and also at Indian High School Grounds in Oud Metha. The school ceremony will have a march past by the students and in the evening there will be cultural activities. The program that is backed up by the consulate will also provide people with a chance to try various Indian Cuisines. 

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