February 17th, 2017

Deep Dive into Virtual Reality This March

The IEEE Virtual Reality 2017 will be held on March 18-22, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. This conference promotes communication and exchange of ideas on Virtual Reality. It is attended by academics, researchers, industry folks, and other VR enthusiasts.

For the first two days, 3DUI 2017 (IEEE SYMPOSIUM ON 3D USER INTERFACES) will take place. Here, industrial and academic researchers would share state-of-the-art 3DUI research, high-quality papers, technotes etc.

After IEEE VR 2017 would be held after 3DIU. From March 20 to 22, highly informative papers will be presented. You too can submit your paper for the event. The broad categories to be covered are:

► Systems and Applications
► Motion Tracking and Capturing
► Avatars and Virtual Humans
► Acoustics and Auditory Displays
► Touch and Vibrotactile Feedback
► Walking Alone and Together
► Haptics
► Extraordinary Environments and Abnormal Objects
► 360° Video Cinematic Experience
► Visual Displays
► Travel and Navigation
► Plausibility, Emotions, and Ethics

You can also attend or participate in the panels that will focus on:

► Virtual Social Interaction
► Neuroscience
► Instantaneous Beaming to Distance Places – A Possible & Desirable Future?
► Why Streaming Will Make or Break 360 Storytelling
► Perception & Action in Virtual Reality with New Commodity Level Equipment: What is New and Different?


It’s a golden chance to get insights on various aspects of VR. There will be workshop on Embodied Learning through Virtual & Augmented Reality; Perceptual and Cognitive Issues in AR; Everyday Virtual Reality etc. Apart from this, there will be posters, research demos and Doctoral Consortium on various important topics.

Here, you would also get to enjoy mind-blowing VR videos for 3 days! This immersive experience will take you to another world and help you set a benchmark for your own work. You can get in-depth information on Augmented Reality-Principles and Practice; VR on the Web; Navigation Interfaces for Virtual Reality and Gaming etc. through tutorials. On the whole, IEEE VR 2017 would be value adding for anyone working for providing immersive experiences and for those you love VR. If you plan to attend the event, find a comprehensive schedule here.

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