January 3rd, 2017

IMAX Virtual Reality…The wait is over!

IMAX VR has been the talk of the town in the second half of 2016 for its upcoming Virtual Reality venture. Finally, it has launched its website and it definitely looks promising.

IMAX is renowned for its innovation in entertainment technology. The corporation had introduced stadium seating, developed high-resolution cameras and laser projection technology. Now the corporation is all set to breathe new life into immersive entertainment through Virtual Reality.

IMAX’s Flagship Experience Centre is opening shortly in Los Angeles. The state of the art centre will transport you to a virtual world. This experience will be literally out of the world!

IMAX VR aims to leave you spellbound with its high-end headsets, super fast computers and superior motion tracking technology. You may get to watch around 15 minutes of immersive content. These won’t be ordinary videos that you may just watch passively. You will be transported to another world altogether. So, be ready to be a part of the story yourself.

IMAX Virtual Reality

Image Courtesy: http://imaxvr.imax.com

The games will surely give you an adrenaline rush! Room-Tracking technology will let you move around in the virtual world. Your friends will also be able to join you in that new excitement filled world. The high-resolution display will make the virtual world seem even more realistic. IMAX VR will use high-end StartVR headsets that have a 210 degree of view. HTC VIVE will also be used for some games. It doesn’t end here, with a haptic feedback you will be able to interact with virtual objects just like you do in the real world. For instance, when you fire a shot you will feel the force of recoil on your hand!

The pods at the centre are specially designed to track every move of the players. Your headsets will have the ability to track your eyes, it will enable you to look at the virtual world just like you see the real world. With 360 sound system, your ears will get mind-blowing sounds from the slightest of movements, that too from all the directions.

The VR experiences available will be Star Wars, John Wick, Raw Data, Eagle Flight, Raving Rabbids, The Walk and Escape the Basement. It is not possible to get such experiences at home. You would be solving mysteries and running around the basement finding your way out or riding a roller coaster shouting on top of your voice with excitement. You will be too scared to look down while you try to balance on a wire tied between two 94 stories buildings. You will be flying in the sky protecting your territory.

Are you excited to plunge into this new kind of experience? You will be killing Zombies around you, confronting Sith Lord in front of you and stopping the invasions in your territory. All the players and enemies will be running around you and at other times, you will be running behind them. This magical experience will make you forget the real world for some time. IMAX VR experience will definitely sway you off your feet.

Srushti IMX, VR, Virtual Reality

Image Courtesy: http://imaxvr.imax.com

The centre has still not started but the website IMX VR displays “coming soon” for the tickets. This centre will be a pilot project and IMAX VR will use it to understand the customer preferences. will be opening a centre in Manchester too. They have plans to open at least six centres. We can see a lot of hype and excitement for this centre. It may add another feature in the cap for IMAX corporation.

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