October 19th, 2016

Projection mapping for Events

We humans feel delighted in deceiving our senses to experience something fascinating. No wonder why projection mapping in events is becoming a rage. After all, which brand wouldn’t want its customers to have an unforgettable experience of its products?

So if you walk through a convention centre feeling slight breeze and warmth of sunshine on your skin, you are being tricked into believing that you are in a park. While this may be a theme for the event you are attending! And the technology behind this experience is called projection mapping. It allows the guests walk through an ordinary convention centre feeling as if they have been transported into a completely new environment.

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These days, projection has been used for all types of events. We see projection mapping on outdoor events in lieu of fireworks, at car shows, at corporate events, for retail and advertising, both domestically and globally. While 2D and 3D projection mapping have been there for long, 4D projections are becoming a trend. And why not? They transform your events in ways that are only limited by your imagination.

4D projection takes image mapping and projection to the next level by incorporating physical effects into the experience. That is why, luxury brand Ralph Lauren’s perfume launch in 2010 is till date the most talked about launch event. Simply because it was more than a visual feast. Along with the projection of the perfumes against a captivating backdrop, the attendees could also smell the fragrance of the perfume. Now, that’s one unique experience for the audience.

But it takes more than technical know-how to create an unforgettable experience. Before deciding on anything else, the catch lies in creating right kind of content. In short, the look and feel of an event needs to be shaped with both artistic vision and technical know-how. Experts can help you know what kinds of content will work and what won’t when scaled across multiple projectors and blown up to the size of a building.

Once you have a got all these elements in place, you can rest assured that the visuals will have an everlasting impression on your guests!

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