June 22nd, 2016

Projection mapping in tourism

Whenever we visit a city for the first time, we are curious to know about its history, culture and development. And we rely on tour guides who bombard us with stories which mostly remain incomprehensible. Isn’t that the most boring way of doing so? Well, there is something which can help us do away with same old ways of learning about a city’s history.  Something that leaves us enchanted with it’s dramatic interplay of sound and light effects. We call it 3D projection mapping.

Projection Mapping in Tourism - Srushti IMX

Projection Mapping is a technique that uses specialised software and other technologies to manipulate projected images so they fit perfectly on any three-dimensional object. Projection mapping enables you to create almost any conceivable visual effect, whether it’s as simple as your logo in three dimension rotating on a wall, or as complex as your audience being taken on a spaceship through the Milky Way.

Many countries have used this technique to boost their tourism. 3D projection mapping shows are hosted at places of historical relevance to attract tourists. With their stunning visuals, these shows transport you back to some important moments in the history. For instance, every evening, Old Fort in Delhi hosts ‘Ishq-e-Dilli’ (The Love of Delhi), a 55-minute show that depicts Delhi through the history of its 10 cities, beginning from the 11th century to the present.

The well-calibrated utilization of visual scenes drawn from numerous chapters of Delhi’s history are portrayed on the massive ‘Humayun Darwaza’ gateway of the fort. And it leaves the audience spellbound and captivated. Similar shows are held at Amber Fort in Jaipur, City Palace in Udaipur, and many more monuments across India and the world.

Today, projection mapping has evolved from offering a temporary thrill to a more permanent status with installations at museums, visitor destinations. And when it comes to versatility in content, it is the best option hands down. After all in one minute a pile of boxes can become a rainforest waterfall, the next an erupting volcano! That’s the ‘Wow’ factor which grabs the attention of the audience.

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