July 18th, 2017

Shared Virtual Existence and it’s amazing possibilities – The future of Metaverse

We know the effect globalization had on human society as a whole. Products made anywhere in the world reached almost every corner and thus helped enrich our standard of living. The same kind of an effect or if not even more can be expected when virtual worlds merge together to form one Metaverse. Let us see how Metaverse can influence different arenas of our life.

Business and Shopping – The challenges posed by traditional shopping are aplenty which is why online shopping has become a common phenomena. You don’t have to worry about closing hours or wait along an extensive line of customers to get your need addressed when you shop online. With WebVR, Virtual Reality will soon hit your everyday browsers and it will be smoother than ever to check out the products you love. But still, websites do have limitations. As a business entity, it is not such a charming thing to add all your products and varieties on your website. People too don’t expect a website to be a shopping mall. This is where virtual stores can come in. Virtual stores will give you the exact feel of being in a shopping arena and there will never be any limitation of time or geography. How would you like to take a virtual trip around a shopping complex in China or Great Britain by remaining in your room! Furthermore, there will be customized digital sales assistants that can speak any language in every metaverse shopping center to provide you one to one assistance. You will be able to make them appear or disappear with just the tap of your finger. By staying in your room, you can check out a piece of toy or jewellery that exists in a shop that is actually thousands of miles away. You will even be able to view indepth details such as how the products were made, where it was made, what materials were used, how long is it supposed to last etc. You can even determine how the product will operate in different scenarios and conditions. That is, if you are buying a motorbike from a showroom in England, you can see how the bike will fare in your city based on your roads and traffic! Moreover, due to the increase in the number of data collected everyday, when you visit a specific store, the smart digital assistants will be able to instantly provide you with products that you may love. Virtual Intelligent assistants such as today’s Siri and Alexa will have a big role to play in the future. You can just command a shopping list to them or even set a regular schedule and the virtual assistant will visit the relevant store in the metaverse and do the shopping for you. You will not even have to think about buying daily products. And with the increasing scope of Internet of things, you will be able to connect your daily appliances like fridge, coffee machine etc to Internet and they will fill up automatically without any intervention from the user!

Education –  For example, imagine you are a Management student. How would you like it if you can visit a virtual store of IBM and take part in a meeting where an agreement is negotiated. Remaining in your very own classroom, you can be a part of business arrangement held by industry experts anywhere in the world and thus get a taste of how the real business world works. On a similar note, medical students can be a part of surgery conducted by expert doctors anywhere in the world and thereby broaden their knowledge. Science students can visit virtual space centers and even gain an experience of a Mars visit! Students and professors all around the world will be able to smoothly collaborate with each other and improve their standard of education. Students can also easily showcase their final year projects and get analysed by experts all around the world. With Virtual Reality arriving on the web, they can also relive any moment of the history or even explore the molecular and atomic particles of any organism.

Advertising – For long, advertising has been about observing rather than experiencing and this is soon going to change. Today, we know that ads are everywhere and most of them are so annoying that we skip a major portion for good. But, with the kind of in depth and detailed data that is being collected like the user’s age, purchase history, brands followed in social media, network of friends etc through gadgets such as smart phones, advertisers will soon be able to provide you a more personalized experience of advertisement viewing. With devices such as smart watches that capture our pulse, advertisers can even understand what ads do we like the most. Every ad we see will depend upon who we are instead of the common ad system we have today! You can view advertisements on the go and stay updated about the modifications and updates that await your favorite product. So, when in a metaverse, you will immediately be notified about an interesting product or store that you can check out depending upon where you are in the metaverse. The content and narrative of the advertisement will also change according to the changes you make in the design, layout and other features of a product. Additionally, brands will also be able to offer you virtual seats to big events such as a World Cup or a major live concert. Every major event will have big brands as sponsors and imagine Coca-Cola giving you a virtual seat for a World Cup Final. Remaining in your room, you can view the match as if you are in the Maracana stadium!

Healthcare – With human computer interfaces, virtual reality and metaverse on the rise, consulting doctors and health specialists will be smoother and efficient than ever before. You can walk into a hospital unit set up anywhere in the metaverse and avail the service of any doctor in the world. With communication systems like smart dust, doctors can install sensors into your body, easily diagnose and treat your disorder with a simple computer program instead of complex operations or surgeries! Doctors will also be able to assign virtual healthcare assistants for you who will remind about your medications and exercise. For your every activity such as eating, working, walking and sleeping you will get live and instant feedbacks on how they affect your health. When it comes to healthcare, time and awareness is the key factor. Hence, with technology we will be able to spot any run in the mill way before it brings any threat to us.

Office and Workplace – How often have you felt worn out attending innumerable interviews on different locations. You invest your time, energy and money in hope of pursuing a career that you love. Everyone who was once a jobseeker would have gone through this pain. And even after all this, physical interviews have plenty of limitations. You can only go as far as your rail, air network and your pocket can afford to take you. Yes, you can drop an email or give a call to any firm anywhere in the world, but the response to such kind of requests are quite numb. Now, what if you could visit a firm’s virtual corporate office in a metaverse and see if they are hiring people. From the comfort of your room, you can actually pay a visit to offices in U.S or Great Britain! You do not have to waste your precious time, money or energy to get interviewed by the top companies in the world. Even when you are hired by a company far away and in another continent, you will not have to sell your fortune to get your work permit visa, tickets or numerous other formalities. You can remain in your own home, sign in to your office in the metaverse and begin your work! Your supervisor might be in another part of the world, but with an almost lifelike 3D avatar, he can come and sit near you and guide you on your work. In other words, very soon, metaverse might be the one culminating point for every workplace. The need for physical buildings or office structures in the outside world will be very minimal. Imagine the kind of space, money and manpower we could save!

Entertainment – You are in a movie hall that is surrounded by a 11.1 sound system. You had no idea how the sound will be like, but once inside, you feel like it is a lot more than you prefer. In the physical world, you cannot go on to change the sound system just for you. Inside the metaverse, you can! You can get into any virtual movie theatre and adjust the screen, sound or even the seating, the way you like. Thus, each person inside a virtual movie hall will have separate experience for the same movie. Even the movies (or whatever it is called in the future) might call for your immersiveness and it’s story could progress the way you interact with the characters. Similarly, you can visit any pubs, DJ parties, concerts or live events anywhere in the world through your Metaverse avatar.

Revive History – Want to know how Man and different life forms evolved? Want to know how dinosaurs died? Or how civilizations were born? Or the birth of language? Or how the first World War was fought? You could just login to Metaverse and visit a nice history museum! Simple. Whatever your topic of interest is, you can see the events unfolding right in front of your eyes. Today, if you want to gain a complete understanding of any event in the history, it is simply not easy to collect all the rare textbooks or watch the available videos. There is also the concern of one version being different from the other. No such problem will exist in the future. No doubt about history will exist beyond a visit to a Metaverse museum.

Tourism and Exploration of Unknown Worlds – Remember the travelling agency in the Arnold Film ‘Total Recall’? What do they specialize in? Providing a real life experience of visiting any destination of your choice. This might more or less be the future! (Though not as villainous as in the film). Though we would all gladly love to travel with our loved ones in the real world, there might be some that agree that real life tourism can be a little hazardous. First of all, it is really expensive. You cannot get to an exotic location without spending a fortune. Then, there is the number of legal formalities that you have to go through to visit a spot outside your nation. Depending on the number of people for the journey, the size of the luggage you have to carry can also give you headaches. Not to mention the other fact that you could actually forget some of your luggage when you have to carry too many. For those who think this is tedious, Metaverse might just have the solution for you. You can simply visit a virtual travel agency, select your destination and enjoy the trip! You will absolutely experience no difference from visiting the place in real. And who knows, maybe like Arnold you might even be able to go to Mars or other distant planets!

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