June 6th, 2016

Video walls

When a wall does the talking, it’s difficult to ignore especially when the words are accompanied by stunning visuals. Imagine using gestures to grab your favourite drink out of a vending machine for free! If that’s not enough to entice you, how about getting an opportunity to interact with your famous sports icon while you go around shopping?

Wondering how is it possible? We are talking about digital advertising using video walls, a setup of multiple monitors that creates an immersive, big-screen experience. Today, digital signage campaigns no longer mean having just neon lights, HD images and loud music. Which is why many brands today are adopting this strategy to interact with, educate and involve it’s customers.


In 2014, Red Bull Zero Calories did exactly the same in Vienna. It placed a an interactive game platform next to its vending machine at the popular centres. All a player did was moved his body in order to bring the Red Bull Zero to a precise location on the screen, interacting with Senad Grosic, a world famous BMX biker. Winners were given a unique code which once entered in the vending machine gave them a free sample of Red Bull Zero. This campaign was interactive, immersive and rewarding at the same time!

Immersive videos depict a real world scene, where the view in every direction is recorded at the same time. During its playback the viewer has control of the viewing direction, up down & sideways. These are used widely in the leisure, museum and entertainment industry to help provide a total audience experience and in commercial applications to simulate products and environments for research, collaboration or training.

That said, we know that video walls are creative and catchy, but it takes some powerful content, a sense of purpose and a message to create a buzz among the customers. So, make sure you have the required expertise and planning before you delve into the idea of creating a video wall!

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