August 26th, 2016

Virtual reality in real estate

Virtual reality is spreading its wings fast in every sector one can imagine! Real Estate being one of them. Now house-hunting no longer means getting frustrated with traveling across the city, spending months in research and visiting locations. Thanks to the immersive experience being provided by the real estate portals.

Real Estate is one sector where VR has shown tremendous advancement in India too. Portals like,,, are vying to grab a piece of the VR pie by introducing newer immersive experiences in their portfolios.

Virtual reality in real estate, Srushti IMX

While every player has dabbled into virtual reality by offering virtual tours to the customers like’s slice view, India property’s Truview, and 99acres’s iHomes. It is that has definitely grabbed a bigger piece of the pie by introducing CommonFloor Retina. The company claims to be the world’s first virtual reality innovation in real estate that is available to the masses. It offers ‘real’ property experience for the seekers allowing them to view and assess multiple properties from anywhere at any point of time.

To use it, a user simply needs to sport the headgear to experience virtual tour of the property of his/her choice. This offers buyers an unforgettable experience and insights about the property from the perspective of space and ambience among other features. The simple magnet on the headgear acts as a navigation tool. The App also saves the builders the cost and space to construct a model apartment.

We can see that VR is picking up fast in real estate replacing the need for brochures, mini-scale models or short videos. Today, VR is awe inspiring. In future, viewing a property without a VR platform could be seen as unacceptable. That’s how technological breakthroughs impact our lives!

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