January 2nd, 2016

What is Holographic 3D?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But when a picture is more than a visual, it becomes an experience worth a million! Such is the beauty of 3D images. And a technique called Holography further enhances it. We’ll tell you how? Holography makes it is possible to reconstruct 3D images using holograms.

What is Holographic 3D

Image Source : bit.ly/1SsfN6t

A hologram is the recording then reconstruction of all the light-field information of an object. In other words, if you take the object you want to display, illuminate it with a laser, and interfere this scattered light with another laser, a recording of this pattern created is the hologram. Whereas capturing the amplitude, phase, and wavelength information of the object is called Holography. Even though it was invented over 70 years ago, holography remains the best candidate for achieving true 3D displays.

What’s new in 3D Holography?

A revolutionary technology for making 3D holographic displays has been created by researchers from the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia which uses graphene to build a 3D pop-up. Graphene is a carbon material made from graphite, which is about a single-atom thick. Use of graphite oxide in making next gen 3D displays could mean moviegoers will no longer need those 3D glasses to enjoy holograms. Doesn’t it sound cool and exciting?

What is Holographic 3D

Image Source : bit.ly/1YWLgh4

This incredible creation is already proving to be game-changing in industries like printing, batteries and electronic circuitry. Its use in the mobile computing and smartphone design worlds is also on the rise. Now, a next-gen digital holographic capability could benefit a wide range of fields, including medical, military, educational and entertainment. The future of 3D holography definitely sounds amazing if this is what’s in store for us!

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