December 18th, 2015

What is immersive media experience?

At different stages in our lives, we dive into the fantasy world. Be it as a child who loves to dress up as a cartoon character or as an excited adult who fulfils his dreams of becoming a pilot through simulators! After all, slipping away from reality breaks the monotony of life. This shift from the real world into a fictional one is called immersion. In today’s world, where technology controls most part of our lives, immersion means not just being informed or entertained but actually slipping into a manufactured reality, also called virtual reality.

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Thanks to some technological developments, we can now live the virtual world experience sitting at home. All you need is access to games and input devices to make that happen. Now, living a dream life couldn’t get any easier and simpler than this!

Games like ‘Second Life’ based on the concept of virtual worlds combine the power of 3D graphics and the internet, giving users the ability to create new versions of themselves literally within a virtual world.Second Life, which is now around 12 year old, has been one of the most popular internet games by far and is still going strong! We are yet to see a game so popular and real in terms of its content.


Talking about input devices influenced by virtual reality, we have Microsoft’s Kinect which uses a camera to track a player’s movements, which are then reflected in game. Another one is Wii Controls which uses the motion sensing capability that allows users to control items on the screen.

To cut it short, how good is the immersion experience not only depends on the technology but also on how engaging its content is. And the future lies in cashing in on this opportunity for not only entertainment but also marketing and advertising.

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