February 21st, 2017

Why Super Bowl 2017 Will Be Remembered Forever?

This Super Bowl Sunday witnessed tons of energy and excitement. And why not? After all, Super Bowl is the biggest TV event we know and we are sure you had a great time!

The Super Bowl LI held on Feb 5th, 2017 was special in more ways than one. Lady Gaga wowed the audience with her energy packed performance at the Super Bowl 51 halftime show. Her fans watched in awe as she glided across the field with a harness attached to her. Around, 30 records were broken or tied during the game. The Super Bowl champions, New England Patriots made the greatest comeback and then, their crazy fans painted the town red during the grand Victory parade (despite the stormy weather!!).  

Well, Super Bowl has always been an event high on drama, thrill and glamour. After all, it is America’s most popular sport!

But there is more to that, the 51st Super Bowl will be remembered for breaking the ground for (near)real-time Virtual Reality experience. First time ever, Super Bowl met Virtual Reality, when Fox Sports, along with LiveLike brought this unique experience to the viewers. So, never lose heart if you cannot burn a hole in your pocket to buy Super Bowl tickets. You can now enjoy the comfort of your home, party with friends and still be at the stadium!

During the live telecast, when there was an awesome play, you could just strap on your headset and immediately get transported to the stadium. You could watch the game from the best possible angles. You could also move around your head at 180-degrees to get a complete view. So, while you were enjoying the Super Bowl with your friends and family, you could catch up those special moments closely from a private, VIP suit or through various on-the-field cameras. That is what we call, getting the best of both worlds!

Well, you can still watch those highlights in VR. Why wait? Just go ahead! The App “Fox Sports VR” is available for both Android and iOS! All you need to do it download the App and sign in with your television provider credentials. The app is compatible with Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. Do not have a headset? No issues! You can switch to the “Magic Window” mode and watch the 360-degree videos on your smartphone!

No doubt, Super Bowl was the best event to introduce a VR broadcast, like never before. Six 4K cameras were set-up in the NRG Stadium, Houston. You could toggle between them for different perspectives. This shifting between views made the experience more special, you couldn’t get this liberty while watching TV (and of course no immersive experience) or from the stadium itself. There were 16 to 20 highlights made available along the timeline and you could easily navigate through them. Earlier, Fox had also partnered with Livelong for streaming a college football match.

Virtual Reality in entertainment is rapidly getting bigger and better. It is being readily accepted, appreciated and enjoyed. According to Forbes, 48% of people planning to watch Super Bowl were interested in watching it on Virtual Reality headsets.

How can we forget the Super Bowl commercial from Hyundai Motor America. This heart-touching ad also showed you the magic Virtual Reality can cast, to bring people together (virtually).

Animal Planet and Pedigree presented the “Puppy Bowl Virtual Reality”. A puppy’s eye view of the action on the field in the form of a 360-degree video.

At the 2017 Super Bowl LIVE fan festival, Nasa simulated a trip to Mars through a 90 foot high, thrill ride. You can also watch the 360-degree video that was shown during this Virtual Reality trip, called Future Flight. Chevron also offered a Virtual Reality experience at the Super Bowl. You could take a virtual helicopter trip into the Gulf of Mexico, and explore Chevron’s largest deep water offshore platform.

It is quite evident that the Virtual Reality technology stole the show at the 51st Super Bowl. More than anything else, this Virtual Reality buzz is an indication of Virtual Reality penetrating our lives. Every now and then, VR companies are coming up with better content, advanced hardware and improved software. Let’s hope for a smoother VR experience for the next Super Bowl, that too for the entire match!



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